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Jürgen Kirbach

Lüftungsanlagen Service

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, we take the liberty of providing you with some information about our company and our speciality ventilation services.

Our company „Lueftungsanlagen – Service“ mainly specializes in the following fields:

mechanical engineering, engine and ventilator repair, fan engineering, balancing of fan wheels, as well as measurement engineering. We are registered in the professional register of Leipzig.

Our activities mainly focus on onsite repairs of all types of ventilators, electric motors and

fire shutters, as well as:


Replacement of bearings * replacement of shafts * replacement of impellers * exchange of entire aggregates * vibration measurement * monitoring of bearings * operating conditions testing and maintenance * filter replacement * onsite ventilator balancing * motor and heat recovery repairs * fire shutter inspection * assembly and modification of duct and conduit systems * air pollution control according to VDI 6022 cat. A

Our hourly rates are:

Ventilator / motor / conduit repair:                                         Technician: 37,- €  Hrs plus travel time


Balancing / monitoring of bearings:                       Measurement engineer: 42,- €   Hrs plus travel time

Travel time at respective hourly rate

                     ! Our repair and customer service departement operates all over Germany !

Repair and maintenance of ventilators and ventilation systems

Replacement of bearings, replacement of shafts or impellers, exchange of dampers, technical data recording of ventilation fans and motors on a machine card. Corresponding data sheets are available to the customer.

Maintenance, repair of electric motors and heat recovery systems

Onsite replacement of bearings without expensive disconnections, disassembly and transportation. In the event of damaged coils, we offer you, if possible, a replacement motor with similar parameters and take your motor with us for repair.

Onsite vibration analysis and balancing in operation.

Identification of causes of vibration.


Monitoring of rolling bearings. Preventive servicing measures

Periodic monitoring of bearings with shock pulse measurement instruments in the form of trend measurements for the early detection of motor, ventilator and pump bearing damage.


Inspection and maintenance of fire shutters in ventilation and air conditioning systems in accordance with the test certificates and colection site regulation

Recording of technical data on fire shutters as well as documentation of inspection criteria in accordance with an inspection report specifically developed for this purpose. We hold a certificate of verification and maintenance of fire shutters. You will receive a certification of verification for each indiviadual fire shutter.

Sophisticated hygiene activities and microbiological exams, as well as bacterial counts in ventilation and A/C systems in accordance with VDI 6022.

Cleaning of ventilation systems and units

Louvers, weather resistant gratings, air heaters, inductors, fan chambers and filter chambers, as well as filter replacement.



Ventilation, process and A/C system repair and refurbishing

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